How ABM Marketing Optimizes Our Clients’ Ads Pt 1

While a 100% optimization score isn’t necessarily the goal of every Google ad campaign, it is a mark of success. It’s also cause for a moment to stop and pat yourself on the back, especially when it happens organically and it’s not just for one ad type, but for two – a display campaign and a search campaign.

So how do we do it here at ABM Marketing? Here’s a short peek into how we give our clients premium results every time. 

A very special marketing client in Florida

For several months, ABM Marketing has worked with a very special e-commerce start-up in Florida. This business exists in a highly competitive space, and they’re trying to reach customers on the Southwest coast of Florida, from Tampa to Marco Island. 

While this is a very specific geo-targeted area, the audience is still significant. The original ads for this client went live in late July and early August and did well enough. But to us, “well enough” is never good enough. 

Seven days before the screenshot below was taken, we made some updates to both the ad copy and the images that have propelled us to 100%. Here’s what we did.

Optimizing Google ad copy

Before making any updates, we spent time with the client to talk through the brand’s concepts, core messaging principles, and differentiating factors. We wanted an intimate understanding of what made this brand different in such a competitive niche.

It didn’t take long to find an answer. Once we all agreed on why the product was special, we spent a significant amount of time preparing copy briefs to present the product from several different angles. We presented each version to the client until we created an approach that the client felt truly fit the brand.

Then we took that copy and developed ads that spoke to what customers really wanted. The result? Optimized copy that drove more conversions than ever!

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