Brand Strategy & Branding

Crafting Your Brand Identity

Brand identity or branding encompasses a fusion of visual elements like logos, colors, typography, and visuals, interwoven with the brand's personality, values, and perception. It serves as the fundamental DNA of your brand, setting it apart as distinctive, recognizable, and memorable.

Much like individuals possess unique personalities, styles, and values, a brand has its own distinct characteristics that distinguish it within its industry. These facets of brand identity foster deeper connections with people, imbuing the brand with relatability and a human touch.

However, brand identity goes beyond physical and emotional attributes; it also has a strategic dimension. Crafting a robust brand identity requires thorough customer analysis, meticulous planning, and execution to shape how customers perceive and engage with the brand.

It's not merely what you see but also what you feel when you interact with the brand. Building a brand identity is akin to storytelling – it involves creating an unforgettable experience that resonates with customers, drawing them back for more. Achieving this demands careful consideration, consistency, and a profound understanding of your audience.

Why is brand identity vital?

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It's your key to standing out, leaving a lasting impression, and forging meaningful connections with your customers. In a world brimming with choices, where countless brands offer similar products or services, customers often prefer experiences, narratives, and associations over mere commodities.

A robust brand identity empowers you to tell your story, establish profound connections with your audience, and cultivate trust and loyalty. When people grasp your story and share your values, they develop a deeper connection with your brand. They aren't merely purchasing a product; they're investing in your brand's narrative and identity.

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

Our branding services encompass everything from crafting unique and timeless custom logos to providing comprehensive brand development and standards that ensure your identity remains cohesive and recognizable.

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Logo Design

We firmly believe that an exceptional logo should be distinctive, memorable, and adaptable to various sizes and applications. At ABM Marketing, we specialize in crafting unique custom logos that stand the test of time and maintain their visual appeal across a wide range of collateral, spanning from business cards to expansive billboards.

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Brand Development and Standards

Our goal is to assist our clients in establishing a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive brand guidelines that encompass color palettes, font selections, visual descriptions, and best practices for logo application. These guidelines serve as a valuable resource for clients, offering a solid foundation for creating consistent branded content.

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Digital Design

We specialize in creating pixel-perfect graphics tailored for digital audiences. Our skilled team excels in designing a wide range of visuals, including social media graphics, dynamic presentations, engaging email newsletters, and much more. 

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Print Design

Allow us to take the lead in designing your upcoming brochure, annual report, business card, program, or flyer! Our creative design approach is tailored to deliver a polished and professional aesthetic that efficiently communicates your message. If you also require copywriting services, rest assured that we've got you covered on that front as well.

Ready to unlock the power of a compelling brand identity?

Let's embark on a journey to craft a unique and memorable brand that resonates with your audience. Our team specializes in weaving together the visual, emotional, and strategic elements that will set your brand apart. Together, we'll build a brand that not only stands out but also fosters enduring connections with your customers. Discover how our expertise can transform your brand.

Customer testimonials

We're not the type to toot our own horn. But we love it when our clients sing our praises.

"We are in a very competitive market, and I have worked with multiple marketing companies over the years. None are in the same league as ABM Marketing."
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Chris Parks

Attorney, Chris Parks Law

"Aletia and her team have been incredible to work with. They are always responsive and professional. I love the creative work they have put out for our business!"
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Shelby Cutlip

Polished Peach Car Wash

"ABM Marketing has helped us tremendously during the start-up phase of our eComm business."
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Hans Vriens

Founder, Peak Flavor Coffee

"ABM Marketing is a pleasure to work with. The ease of communication, creative collaboration, and value add of her team, exceeded my expectations."
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Kelly Black

Owner, The Profit Firm

"I recommend their expertise to anyone seeking marketing advice or for outsourcing some, or all, of their marketing efforts."
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Stacie King

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Biltmore

"[ABM Marketing] has plenty of ideas and creativity to achieve your goals. They are goal-oriented, solution-based, and need minimal guidance."
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Jeff Pell

Owner, Pell Plumbing Company

"The passion, experience, knowledge, and energy from them to help my business grow is world-class."
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Chris Ess


Aletia has been a dynamic partner on my journey as an entrepreneur. She has provided me with creative designs, marketing insights, and professional business advice.
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Kathleen Coleman

Business Coach